Dreamscape Consciousness (DSC) Classes

Experience has shown me that working with a group is one of the most rewarding ways to discover the journey of DreamScape Consciousness. A group of 5 to 10 individuals who are interested in creating a DreamGroup can learn the technology of DreamScape Consciousness and benefit from getting to know each others symbolic patterns. Group members become familiar with each others symbolism and begin to see things that the dreamer may miss due to emotions caused by the dream. Contact Aurora to discuss scheduling your DreamGroup classes.

Workshops and Retreats

Do you wonder why some dreams are so memorable? Why do we dream? Are your dreams trying to tell you something? Kick off a DSC DreamGroup with a 2 day workshop or Dream Retreat and begin to find out what your dreams really are telling you. Learn the techniques for understanding the messages being given to you in your dreams, learn to re-create dreams and change the outcome and learn how that can affect your life, begin to develop your symbolism journal and find out why some dreams are like yesterdays news while others can open a whole new world of experiences. Research shows that some of the most creative and life changing events have been influenced by our dreams. Watch for scheduled events or call to schedule a workshop or retreat in your area.