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Are You Curious About Your Dreams?

Most People are surprised and delighted when they realize what their dreams are telling them.

Decipher the Messages Sent to You
by Your Angels, Teachers and Guides

Dream Analysis - Dream Interpretation
  • Have you ever had a disturbing dream? Discover how to determine what it really means to you.
  • Do you wish you could remember those dreams that you know were there yet, upon waking you cannot recall?
  • Your dreams (night time experiences) coupled with your daytime experiences ("dayscape") are symbolic messages about your life experiences.
  • Did you know that these symbols are personal and make up a symbology system that only you can understand?
  • You can improve the memory of your night-time dreams as you gain a deeper connection to the messages given to you during your dayscape.

Classes, Workshops and Coaching

Aurora Hill is a Certified Life Coach and DreamScape Consciousness group facilitator. She offers classes, workshops, retreats and personal coaching in DreamScape Consciousness. Contact her personally to set up a consultation or to schedule a DreamScape Consciousness event in your area. 

The Training is Called DreamScape Consciousness

DreamScape Consciousness was developed and facilitated by Willow, a woman who was fascinated by dreams yet, could rarely remember her own dreams. Willow knew that dreams are the individual’s mind working to send messages about one’s life through personal symbols that only the dreamer can understand. She was very frustrated by not remembering her own dreams and began to use what she had learned about dream analysis on her daytime experiences. As she developed her technique for analyzing what she called her "day scape" (events and experiences that happen in our waking hours) she actually began to remember her night time dreams. 

The practice of "DreamScape Consciousness" utilizes our Dreams (night time experiences) and our “day scape” to acknowledge and understand the symbolic messages we are being given. These symbols are personal and make up a system of symbolisms that only the individual can truly understand.

Willow's experiences with her night time dreams and working with her day scape, along with the Dream study she participated in, lead her to create the training of DreamScape Consciousness. She started to teach others who did not remember their dreams to begin experiencing and interpreting the symbolism of their day scape. Most people who took this practice seriously, began to remember their night time dreams in a short time also.

I studied under Willow for 11 years until her passing in 2005. She urged me many times to begin teaching DreamScape Consciousness while she was still alive but, I resisted believing it was her gift to share. Since Willows passing, I want others to know the gift of DreamScape Consciousness; the gift of knowing ourselves at a deeper level and understanding the messages that only the dreamer will recognize as true.  The true meaning of any dream – be it daytime or nighttime cannot be given to you by an analyst. Through DreamScape Consciousness training, you can learn to discover a deeper connection with your guides, angels, teachers or Thought Adjusters.  Combining my Life Coaches training with my DreamScape Consciousness and spiritual training provides an access for you to discover a deeper connection and understanding of your own life and your goals and talents.