Usui Reiki

First Degree Training and Attunement

Your First Degree Reiki attunement is a compassionate journey into the power and presence of the vital life force energy that exists within every living thing.

Practice in First Degree Reiki will give you confidence to sense the subtle differences in energy fields as you learn about the Chakras, or energy vortices in the body.

This Certified Usui Reiki class will include your 1st Degree Attunement and certification. The "Attunement" is a process of aligning you with the Reiki Energies. This is the honored process that has been passed down through the Usui Lineage.

Second Degree Reiki

This second level of Certified Usui Training and Attunement includes complete instructions for using and drawing the Reiki Symbols that have been passed down from Mrs. Takata. She was a first generation Makao Usui student who is recognized as the person who brought Reiki to the West.

The atunement and certification are completed when the student demonstrates an understanding of the symbols and their use and an ability to reproduce the symbols.

Reiki Third Degree Attunement and Teacher Training Certification

This third degree level class is taught by appointment. Usui Reiki First and Second Degree Certification by any Usui-Trained Master is a prerequisite.

This class prepares dedicated Reiki practitioners in advanced Reiki methods and master level techniques. Students in this third degree techer's certification course will co-facilitate either a first and second degree class or a third degree teacher's training along with Aurora. Final Certification and Master Level*

*Attunement will be conferred upon completion of the co-facilitated class.

Karuna Reiki

Taught by Registered Karuna Reiki Master Aurora Hill

Prerequisite: minimum 6-month Usui Reiki Master. Please provide credentials.

Karuna Reiki is an advanced teaching that follows the guidelines for Karuna Reiki as developed by William Rand of the International Reiki Training Center. You will be a registered Karuna Reiki Master with credentials for teaching advanced methodology.